Choose CBR at Dendy Canberra


The ACT Government has advised that they are working to fully resolve the technical issues that has been experienced by both customers and businesses since launch. They have made the difficult decision to pause the program for a further 7 days and anticipate the vouchers will be back online on the morning of Friday 18th June. They will advise again ahead of this time.


**ChooseCBR Vouchers are only redeemable at the Dendy Box Office.

ChooseCBR lets you spend and save at participating Canberra businesses. With your vouchers you can enjoy more when you shop local.

From Wednesday 9 June, you will be able to use your vouchers at Dendy Cinemas Canberra and receive:

  • $10 off when you spend $20 or more
  • $20 off when you spend $40 or more
  • $50 off when you spend $100 or more

Enjoy something more with ChooseCBR when you shop local. Sign up now! 
Just follow the prompts and once complete, the ChooseCBR home page will display your available digital vouchers.

Discover all the great deals available to you if you choose to use your ChooseCBR Vouchers at Dendy Canberra:

One Adult Ticket and a Large Popcorn ($29.50 Value)

Just $10 when you redeem your  Voucher

Two Adult Tickets and a Large Popcorn ($50.50 Value)

Just $20 when you redeem your Voucher

Two Premium Lounge Tickets and
an In-Cinema Dining Experience 
($176.00 Value)

Just $50 when you redeem your Voucher


How to Receive and Redeem Your Vouchers:

  • Members of the community who are over the age of 18 will be able to sign up on the ChooseCBR website from 1 June 2021.
  • Visit ChooseCBR and click on the sign-up button.
  • Enter your valid email address and a password of your choice. Include your mobile number to receive a one-time password and then click ‘Create new account’.
  • You will receive an SMS with your one-time pass code. Please enter the code as displayed and click ‘validate’.
  • Once your code is validated, you are redirected to the user dashboard screen. This screen will display the ChooseCBR program fund availability and your current ChooseCBR discounts, including discount amounts and the minimum spend required to redeem each voucher.
  • At the Dendy Cinemas Box Office, once you’ve decided what you want to buy with your ChooseCBR discount and are ready to pay, click on the menu and select "My Vouchers".
  • This will direct you to your currently available ChooseCBR discounts. Discounts in green can be redeemed by participating merchants.
  • All you need to do is show the staff member your code for validation before making a payment. Clicking on a voucher will make it display in a larger font and also present a QR code.
  • The Staff Member will enter or scan the code and validate it prior to providing you a discount and charge you for your transaction.
  • Once validated the ChooseCBR discount will appear grey in colour. Please refresh your browser after every transaction. All redeemed discounts will be listed on the same page as your ChooseCBR discounts.
  • Discounts are refreshed daily. When you log in tomorrow, you will see a new code replacing the voucher you just used.

For more information on the ChooseCBR program, head to 


Terms & Conditions

Not valid online, only redeemable at the Dendy Box Office. Each ChooseCBR Discount is single-use only. The full value of the discount must be used at each transaction, and only one voucher can be used per transaction. However, vouchers refresh daily. If you use one of your vouchers, check your dashboard the following day to see a new unique ChooseCBR discount code that you can use.