WOE12 - Roosters Breakfast

E18+ Unknown

Slovenia’s most commercially successful film of all time, Roosters Breakfast is set in a small town rife with eccentric characters, perennially drunken friends, a local mob boss, and aneighbourhood sex bomb (who, not surprisingly, is the wife of aforementioned mob boss)!

A movie revolving around multiple storylines with a cast of interesting and irresistible characters who all interact at the garage run by Gagas an ageing mechanic and his gregarious apprentice Djuro. Djuro’s tranquil life is disturbed by the arrival of the beautiful Bronja who is married to Lepec, the local ruffian and pimp. The two begin a risky love affair that does not go unnoticed in this quiet rural village. Meanwhile, Gajas himself has his own love fantasies and dreams about Severina, a well-known pop singer, who is on a tour and coming to town.

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Release Date 11 February 2012
Running Time 2hr 04m
Rating E18+
Cast Vlado Novak, Primoz Bezjak and Pia Zemljic
Director Marko Nabersnik

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