Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil


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Shaun of the Dead meets Deliverance in a killer comedy to die for...

Tucker (Alan Tudyk –  Death at a Funeral) and Dale (Tyler Labine – Rise of the Planet of the Apes) are a pair of harmless hillbillies on a weekend away  at their new fixer upper when they come across a group of college kids camping in the wood.  When gorgeous Allison (Katrina Bowden – TV’s 30 Rock) is separated from her friends, Tucker and Dale try to lend a hand but a hilarious set of misunderstandings leads to them being mistaken as psycho serial killers. As the confusion grows, so does the body count with some side-splittingly funny fallouts.


“Bloody, funny, raucous and irreverent,” Hollywood Reporter

“...goofy but incredibly fun comedy that spoofs classic killer hillbilly movies,”  Joblo.com

"... the lovable duo of Tudyk and Labine and an endearing layer of sweetness under all the blood make it a fully enjoyable comedy of (t)errors." Entertainment Weekly

Release Date 28 July 2011
Running Time 1hr 29m
Rating MA15+ | Mature Audiences
Cast Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, Katrina Bowden, Jesse Moss
Director Eli Craig

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