The Fireman's Ball

MA15+ Comedy

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‘If you don’t steal, you’re robbing your family.’ (a common Czech saying in communist times)

Miloš Forman’s last movie filmed in Czechoslovakia before he emigrated to the US, the legendary tragicomedy Firemen’s Ball is one of the gems of Czech cinematography. This unforgiving portrayal of an ill-fated rural ball is today regarded as a masterpiece of Czechoslovak New Wave cinema. But at the time of its release, it was rejected by the state run film industry.

Domestic audiences had scant opportunity to enjoy Forman’s movie at the cinema: It was only screened for a few weeks after its December 1967 premiere before the film was accused of gross distortion and denigration of socialist life and it was pulled from distribution. Media at the time even suppressed the fact that it received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. The film then disappeared into the censor’s vaults.

Domestic audiences did not get to see the Firemen’s Ball until perestroika arrived in the country in 1988.

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Release Date 30 March 2019
Running Time 1hr 11m
Rating MA15+ | Mature Audiences
Cast Jan Vostrcil, Josef Šebánek, Ladislav Adam, Vratislav Cermák, Josef Rehorek, Josef Valnoha, Milada Ježková, František Svet, Alena Kvetová
Director Miloš Forman

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