The Cellar

MA15+ Drama

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The question of crime and punishment is never an easy one.

Igor Voloshin's film The Cellar is not an easy story - it invites serious moral judgement. Throughout the film you are never sure of what you would do in the same circumstances.

The film shows the dilemma of a parent caught between allowing their child to enjoy herself at a party and protecting her in case the party goes wrong. Should you blame yourself if something does go wrong? Did you even have a choice as to whether she stayed at home or went out?

And if something does go wrong, can you really take justice into your own hands? Both Olga Simonova and Jean-Marc Barr as mother and father are completely convincing, brilliantly displaying the range of emotions one would expect from their characters.

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Release Date 30 March 2019
Running Time 1hr 54m
Rating MA15+ | Mature Audiences
Cast Jean-Marc Barr, Olga Simonová, Dalibor Štofan, Milan Ondrík, Simonetta Hladká, Jana Olhová
Director Igor Voloshin

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