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RunNation Film Festival 2021/2022

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The RunNation Film Festival is the only film festival in the world dedicated to showing inspirational running films of all types from around the world.

2021 marks the seventh year of the RunNation Film Festival. The festival is an original, inspiring event that has been attended by running celebrities, thousands of runners and non-runners around Australia, New Zealand & many parts of the world. We receive film submissions from Australia & across the globe and curate it into an incredible two-hour screening. It is not just about running; It is about the celebration of the human spirit, using running as medium of story telling. 

Running Isn't Cancelled
We are excited to introduce, the Pansa Boyz. Born and raised in New York, these heavyweight personalities celebrate inclusiveness in the NYC running community. Last year, like many of us, they were on a mission to race in a Ragnar. Then, COVID-19 happened, impacting the team's health and testing the team's ability to stay connected. The short film is an inspired journey where "Social distancing does not mean running is cancelled."

Peak of Possibility
A film from a grass roots NZ film maker shares the intimate and challenging story of Tanya Bottomley, her past in a domestic violence relationship and discovery of ultramarathons as her saviour.

In December 2020 Tanya becomes the first person ever to attempt a non-stop, 24 hour repeat of Wanaka's Roy's Peak to see what she's capable of and to inspire all of us that we can dream big.

Dear Pippa
Throughout her life, the woods have provided Els Van Woert with inspiration and balance. It is why she loves trail running. Today, many of her adventures on the trail are spent with her 5-year-old daughter, Pippa. In a letter to Pippa, Els describes this relationship with the outdoors. But through her words, she also explores all that motherhood has taught her about being a woman, uncovering past scars, confronting fear, discovering vulnerability, and evolving her definition of bravery. 

Twenty One Twelve
In 2019, in pursuit of a life-long dream, American ultrarunner, Katie Visco, sets off on foot across Australia with her husband, Henley Phillips, as support on a bicycle. Starting out on the coast in Darwin, Northern Territory, the couple runs and bicycles 2,112 miles through some of the most formidable and harsh environments on the planet to reach the coast in Adelaide, South Australia. What begins as a way for Visco to push her own limits ultimately becomes a story of togetherness as the two support each other through thick and thin, sand and wind, flies and heat under the unrelenting Outback sun. The journey is one that highlights the absolute best of the human spirit.

Run Around the World
Altra is pleased to present "Run Around The World," a series featuring Team Altra Elite Athletes Jason Schlarb and Meredith Edwards as they travel across China to compete in some of the gnarliest mountain races in the country. Episode 1 highlights Ultra Trail Mt. Siguniang, a 60K and 100K event with the highest average elevation of any race in the world.

New Story Run
Stories are what underpin our societies and our relationship to our environments. Frustrated with their impact from behind a desk, Rosie Watson and Mike Elm are running and cycling from the U.K. to Mongolia to tell the stories of people living the changes we need to make in a time of climate crisis, and to try to shape a new story of our place in the natural world.

Nestled in the beautiful pristine foothills of the Rocky Mountains lies a small town called Grande Cache. Once a year the town hosts one of the most infamous ultra-marathon races in all of Canada, "The Great Canadian Death Race". Undefeated captures the stories of 4 athletes who decide to face their personal demons and take on this unique challenge.

Totally FTK
Totally FKT is a documentary centred around two ultra-running attempts on the Pennine Way fastest known time (FKT). After 31 years the record is finally broken on this notorious long distance trail in Britain. Featuring athletes John Kelly and Damian Hall with their dedicated crews and pacers as they take on the most challenging task of their sporting careers to date.

Release Date 19 August 2021
Running Time 2hr
Rating E
Director Various

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