My Uncle / ボクのおじさん

G Comedy

The adventures of 8-year-old Yukio and his favourite useless uncle.

Yukio is faced with writing a class assignment about a family member. After a few false starts, he settles on his eccentric, freeloading uncle—a part-time philosophy lecturer who spends most days lazing at home, quoting Kant, and secretly reading comic books. When the uncle meets Eri, a beautiful Japanese-American photographer, it’s love at first sight. But Eri returns to Hawaii, setting Yukio and his besotted uncle off on a transpacific adventure.

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Release Date 22 October 2017
Running Time 1hr 50m
Rating G | General
Cast Takahiro Hamada, Yuma Yamoto, Hoka Kinoshita, Midoriko Kimura, Yuri Nakamura
Director Nobuhiro Yamashita

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