Larks on a String

MA15+ Comedy Drama

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A cinematographic gem that had been banned from screening for 20 years. Winner of the 1990 Berlin International Film Festival.

A comedy-drama based on the novel by the acclaimed author Bohumil Hrabal is set in the repressive 1950s, a period when many Czechoslovaks were politically persecuted by the Communist dictatorship.

The plot revolves around various outcasts – intellectuals, religious people and other dissidents that opposed the regime. They are all forced to work in a junkyard in order to be ‘re-educated’. Included in this group of odd characters are female prisoners who are forced to work in the yard as part of their one-year sentence for trying to defect from the country.

However miserable the place is, the characters try to maintain their dignity and never give up on love and life.


Strawberry Days / Jahodové dni  SK | 2016 | Animation 14 min

Running Time 1hr 30m
Rating MA15+ | Mature Audiences

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