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Happy Sad Man

CTC Documentary

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The insightful and provocative documentary follows the honest stories of men from across Australia who deal with complex issues on a day-to-day basis, while Bailey explores what is missing from the conversation about men’s mental health in contemporary Australia.

“Happy Sad Man came to be through my friendship with a guy named John and, like I say at the start of the film, he is at once the happiest and the saddest man I have ever met,” said Bailey. “I was really interested in John’s way to express his high highs and his low lows, and I think for a man of his vintage (70), and in Australia, we don’t particularly hear older men speak the way that he does.

“When I began, I realised that by including other men’s stories I could broaden the conversation. I think it can, hopefully, reduce some of the stigmas around talking about mental health and expressing any form of vulnerability.”

Running Time 1hr 29m
Rating CTC | Not yet classified
Director Genevieve Bailey

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