CTC Unknown

Dan is in love with Leanne.They were born on the same day- 19th June 1960.They eat together.

They live together. They steal together.When Dan's love is suddenly ripped away from him, he is reduced to savagery.?Haunted by damning memories, Dan awakes to a transparent face against the sun… a half formed body slumped over a fence.Dan swallows. Dan tries to sleep. Dan tries to hide.Dan inhabits a world created by an idiot- unfinished, incomplete. There are holes in this world; gaps and voids in its creation.Crushed by malevolent beauty, suffocating and filled with violence, Dan thrashes against the tide and goes on a journey to take back what is his.Time is thin around the cause and dense around the effect.Per Ardua Ad Astra – from adversity to the stars..

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Release Date 25 October 2012
Rating CTC | Not yet classified
Cast Leanne Campbell, Daniel P. Jones, Tony Markulin
Director Amiel Courtin-Wilson

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