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Is the flower indeed mightier than the sword?

Senko Ikenobo, a joyful young monk, shows virtuoso talent with his astonishingly beautiful but unusual ikebana (flower arrangements). When the free-spirited Senko is promoted to head monk, he continues to use ikebana to inspire the community. Whilst Japan is enjoying a period of peace and flourishing culture and arts, tensions arise when the new regent Hideyoshi Toyotomi metes out severe punishments. It is up to Senko to confront Toyotomi—armed only with flowers and Buddhist teachings.

Release Date 21 October 2017
Running Time 2hr 07m
Rating PG | Parental Guidance
Cast Mansai Nomura II, Ennosuke Ichikawa IV, Kiichi Nakai, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Koichi Sato
Director Tetsuo Shinohara

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