Film Festival

Far Too Personal

MA15+ Comedy Drama

Sorry, there are no upcoming session times for Far Too Personal at Dendy Canberra


Natalia is 30 years old, has a best friend called Simona who is freshly divorced and likes her live as it is. Simona tries to move on with her life while Natalia finds love in a relationship with a widower, his little daughter and grandmother Eva who has a heart bigger than the sea.

Three women, three faces of love, three stories of joy, pain, happiness and sorrow. A charming and touching film that once again shows that love comes in as many formats as there are people in the world.

Czech with English subtitles.

Release Date 28 March 2021
Running Time 1hr 47m
Rating MA15+ | Mature Audiences
Cast Eliska Balzerová, Petra Hrebícková, Lubo Kostelný
Director Marta Ferencova

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