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“Bound to make cinephiles everywhere very happy… very sophisticated.” - Cineuropa

It’s 1942 and America is on the brink of war.  Facing government pressure, Hungarian-born film director Michael Curtiz is given the opportunity to direct a new propaganda film, Casablanca. However, Curtiz’s focus is pulled in every direction as he contends with his estranged daughter and his efforts to help his sister flee Nazi oppression, and the decision of what his protagonist Rick should choose in the end of the film.  Shot in stylish black-and-white, Curtiz recreates the Hungarian auteur’s struggle and sacrifice as he produces the cinematic masterpiece that went on to win the 1944 Best Film and Director Academy Awards.

Hungarian (English subtitles)

Release Date 16 November 2019
Running Time 1hr 38m
Rating CTC | Not yet classified
Cast Lili Bordán, Evelin Dobos, Caroline Boulton
Director Tamas Yvan Topolanszky

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