Bornless Ones

R18 Horror

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Emily (Margaret Judson, The Newsroom), her fiancé (Devin Goodsell, Bloodsucka Jones), and her disabled brother Zach (Michael Johnston, Teen Wolf) move into a cabin with help of friends.

After just one night in the cabin, Zach makes an astonishing recovery from his incurable disability. But this apparent miracle unleashes a deadly game from beyond that everyone must play to survive.

Fans of Evil Dead will eagerly devour this atmospheric and demon-filled fright-fest. Starring Australia's own Mark Furze (Home and Away, Tell Me How I Die), this is the best and bloodiest cabin-in-the-woods film in years!

Followed by Q&A with special international guest: Devin Goodsell (producer/lead), and Mark Furze (lead).

Release Date 27 November 2016
Running Time 1hr 29m
Rating R18
Cast Margaret Judson, Devin Goodsell, Michael Johnston, Mark Furze
Director Alexander Babaev

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