G Comedy Drama

Sorry, there are no upcoming session times for Barefoot at Dendy Canberra


The festival’s opening feature film by the Oscar-winning duo behind the 1997 winner 'Kolya', father and son Zdenek and Jan Sverák.

Based on Zdenek’s autobiographical novel, and directed, written and produced by Jan, Barefoot describes the wonder of growing up through the eyes of an alert 8-year-old boy whose city family has been forced into rural exile during World War II. Quickly adapting to country life, Eda (luminously played by bright-eyed newcomer Alois Grec) transforms from a precious Prague city boy to a country lad complete with a new set of larrikin pals.


Wedding Day / Veselka CZ | 2017 | Animation 3:13 min


Running Time 1hr 51m
Rating G | General

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