Apocalypse Now (The Final Cut)

MA15+ Action

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Captain Willard is sent to Cambodia on a dangerous mission to assassinate a renegade colonel who has won the trust of a local tribe.

APOCALYPSE NOW – THE FINAL CUT is the third iteration of this seminal anti-war film, it follows on from the 2001 REDUX release that added nearly 47 minutes of footage to the original Theatrical release. The primary criticism with the Redux version was with the new pacing, in effect losing some of the films power through overwrought scenes. With the Final Cut release director Francis Ford Coppola used the opportunity to tighten up the film and find a middle ground between the Theatrical and Redux version, that resulting film is indisputably the one to be seen.

Release Date 4 March 2021
Running Time 3hr 02m
Rating MA15+ | Strong war themes, violence and coarse language
Director Francis Ford Coppola

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