All or Nothing

MA15+ Comedy

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Are you single and looking for the right person? Finding one is never easy.

A witty take on a well-oiled life of 3 single friends whose world is unexpectedly turned upside down. Linda is a 30-year-old single mum.  Vanda is a 30-year-old independent,  free-spirited beauty. Edo is an introverted, shy and sensitive gay. They all run a small bookshop together and share their ups and downs. Their single lifestyle is shaken up when three gentlemen appear.

Linda meets a charismatic developer, Vanda is charmed by a university professor and Edo is picked up by a vegetarian hipster.  But is their romance going to last?


39 Weeks, 6 days / 39 Weeks, 6 days SK | 2017 | Animation 7:50 min

Running Time 1hr 47m
Rating MA15+ | Mature Audiences

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