IFFA - Empty Nets

Twenty-somethings Amir and Narges have found what feels like true love in their hometown by the coast of the Caspian Sea. But in today’s Iran, that’s far from enough to build a life together, and they are forced to keep the relationship secret. To win over Narges’ upper-class family and pay an appropriate lowry, Amir needs money, and he needs it fast. With his back against the wall, Amir finds work at a local fishery, where he is drawn into the dangerous but lucrative business of black-market caviar smuggling. As Amir’s values are compromised by the illegal underworld, Narges stalls for time and tries to delay the arranged marriage her parents are planning for her. Can their love, hopes, and dreams survive the tightly-knit web of tradition, corruption, and social hierarchy that continues to rule over the lives of a new generation in Iran?DramaPT1H41MCTC
Behrooz Karamizade
Eva Kemme
Ansgar Frerich
Uschi Feldges
IFFA - Empty Nets"IFFA - Empty Nets"