Senior Screening

Perfumes - Morning Tea Screening

Enjoy a complimentary morning tea including croissant from Three Mills Bakery and be first to see the delightful, fragrant French comedy-drama!

Anne Walberg (Emmanuelle Devos - Read My Lips) was once the star of her industry – a perfumer whose ability to produce enticing new fragrances was second to none and which saw her rise through a competitive landscape. She remains in demand, but her intemperate behaviour has made her difficult. However, striking up an unlikely friendship with her equally troubled new driver (Gregory Montel - Call My Agent), Anne sees a way to return to the top, which might offer a solution to both their problems. Grégory Magne’s intelligent drama is a visual and sophisticated treat.

"Delightful" - The Times
"Stylish" -The Sun
"Undeniably original" -Little White Lies
"A refreshing  French comedy-drama" -The Guardian
“Enchanting” - The Irish Times

100% on Rotten Tomatoes