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One Less God - Special Screenings

Multi-award winning feature film ‘One Less God’ by writer-director-producer Lliam Worthington, in Sydney for four nights only exclusive to Dendy Opera Quays, November 19-22.

To commemorate the upcoming 10th anniversary of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the Australian and Indian theatrical release of One Less God is being used to raise funds to support survivors and the families of victims. 20% of producers' receipts will go to the ‘I Love Mumbai Foundation’ a charity renowned for its efforts to help those most affected by the tragedy.

Inspired by true events.

In 2008, a band of Islamic militants from Pakistan lands in Mumbai to launch a multi pronged attack, their primary target, the iconic Taj Mahal hotel.

With Indian forces unable to regain control, for 3 days the guests must battle to survive as the terrorists seek to drive them from hiding. The harrowing events that follow will come to be known as India’s 9/11 and one of the most audacious terrorist attacks in history.

Yet more than a story of monsters and men, it is an unflinching descent into the psyches of the terrorists behind the infamous 26/11 attacks, and an appeal to our shared humanity at the dark crossroads to which we have now stumbled.

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One Less God

MA15+ Thriller

Because the only thing worth giving up for love... is everything.