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Czech & Slovak Film Festival

Dendy Newtown is proud to be bringing the Czech and Slovak Film Festival to you this autumn!

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This year we can again look forward to a five day movie marathon featuring an eclectic mix of recent films. The program is packed with great features including dramas, thrillers, romances, comedies and documentaries. Many of these will be screened to the Australian public for the first time

Our aim is to showcase, celebrate and promote a contextualised range of classic and modern Czech and Slovak live-action and animated films to Australasian and expatriate audiences through a yearly, not-for-profit arts festival.

The short films also included in the film festival are:

Fibonacci (8 min)

Donna Bella (3 min)

Old Gramophone's Ghostly Tones (9 min)

The Gypsy Dance (3 min)

Overboard (12 min)

Sami (18 min)

Tomato Hairytage (6 min)

Shoot (3 min)

Rauu (5 min)

You can visit csfilmfest.sydney for more info

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MA15+ Drama

The year is 1980, Michal and Juraj are two students of the Faculty of Theology in totalitarian Czechoslovakia. Their teachers, out of fear of cancelling the seminary, educate theologians in a form that suits the Communist Party. Juraj and Michal are thus cast straight into a high-stakes moral battle between church and state — in which sides must be chosen, with severe consequences for body and soul alike. With both being strong believers, adherence to the communists is tough, especially when Catholicism teaches them that they should only listen to the word of God. 

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Emma in Love

R18+ Romance

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and Emma knows this better than anyone. She is a passionate, energetic 25-year-old saleswoman in a supermarket in a small town while Tomáš is an impulsive but introverted 30-year-old roofer living in a nearby village. One night, from which neither of them expected anything significant, quickly grows into a relationship, love and living together. What initially resembles fairy tale soon turns into nightmare after a chance encounter with Emma’s pornographic past inevitably catches up with them and starts a series of events that turn the lives of the two lovers upside down. 

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Bird Atlas

MA15+ Drama

A huge money embezzlement in a multi-million company creates a domino effect of suspicion between the members of the family who run the business. Ivo Rona, a long-time CEO, has dedicated his whole life to work, so it comes as a big blow when things suddenly start to fall apart at the seams. It is when Marie, one of his most trusted employees, goes missing that Ivo and his family start looking for the one to blame... A revenge plan, a corporate sabotage or well-played internet fraud? One thing is certain: someone among them can’t be trusted.

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Caught in the Net

R18+ Documentary

Three actresses, three children’s rooms, 10 days and 2,458 sexual predators. An experiment that shines an urgent light on the taboo subject of the abuse of children on the internet and what the children aged ten to fourteen years face in virtual space. The documentary delivers the gripping drama of the protagonists playing “12-year-old girls” from casting to face-to-face meetings with predators watched by security and hidden cameras.

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Even Mice Belong in Heaven

G Animation

Almost ten years in the making, this highly original puppet film will enchant young and adult viewers alike with its poignant twisty tale filled with emotion, its beguiling artistic design, and its precise animation. Following an unfortunate accident, a feisty little mouse and a shy young fox cub unwittingly find themselves in animal heaven. In this strange environment, the mouse and the fox share many adventures and unexpected surprises. The story is based on a children’s novel that has received numerous literary awards.

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Pacho, Thief of Hybe

MA15+ Comedy

This bittersweet cult comedy about oppression of poor Slovakian people by Austro-Hungarian aristocracy is inspired by the stories about the legendary outlaw Jánošík and traditional folk humour. Pacho from the mountain village of Hybe is in almost every way the exact opposite of his predecessor however: he is small and weak and not known for big words or big deeds. Detesting injustice and feudal oppression, as well as arrogance of the local nobility, armed only with a sewered mouth, healthy impudence, clever brain, and a deadly French frenzy brandy, he begins to stand up for his subjects.

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The Ear

MA15+ Drama

The deputy minister Ludvík and his wife Anna have become accustomed to the constant spying and eavesdropping of state security. Even at home, they have an all-hearing "ear" recording their conversations… One day after a late return home, when the electricity goes out and Ludvik sees a group of shady men waiting outside his house, he fears nothing but the worst – he must be the next one to go.

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Bet on Friendship

MA15+ Comedy

How does a man in his forties find out if he's a real guy? How does he prevent the corrosion of his ideals or the fading of his dreams? Four friends, nicknamed - Prvok, Šampón, Tecka a Karel, find out 20 years after graduation that they don't live the way they imagined at 18. That is when they declare war on shrinking testicles and against the middle age crisis by committing to perform several rather bold and challenging tasks.

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The Impossible Voyage

MA15+ Documentary

A special effect docudrama, The Impossible Voyage is a novel approach to telling the story of Štefánik's short but impressive life. Although he died at the age of 38 in a plane crash, his short life is in many ways reminiscent of an adventure novel. Globetrotter, Doctor of Philosophy in Astronomy, researcher, mathematician, pilot, Knight of the Legion of Honour, French general, diplomat and First Minister of War of the Czechoslovak Republic - all this was Milan Rastislav Štefánik.