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Smurfs: The Lost Village

Join us on Sunday March 26th, for a special Charity Screening of The Smurfs: The Lost Village

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Zach's Ceremony

Join us on Tuesday March 28th, for the Q&A Preview Screening of Zach's Ceremony, with director Aaron Petersen and Zach & Alec Doomadgee.

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Ghost in the Shell

Join us on Wednesday March 29th, for the First Look Preview Screening of Ghost in the Shell.

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The Family

Join us on Thursday March 30th, for a special Q&A session of the incendiary documentary The Family, with director Rosie Jones & police detective Lex De Man

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Their Finest

Join us on Sunday April 2nd, for a very special Preview Screening of Their Finest, with Bill Nighy introducing the film in person at Dendy Newtown.

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Join us on Friday April 7th, for the special Late Night Preview Screening of RAW, the fresh new horror critics are raving about.

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Doctor Who: The Pilot

Join us on Sunday April 16th, for the Doctor Who Season 10 Premiere: Episode One - The Pilot

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Get Out

Join us on Friday April 21st, for the Club Dendy Preview screening of the new critically acclaimed horror Get Out

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TED 2017 - The Future You TED Cinema Experience

Join us in the first week of May and catch the highlights from the sold out 2017 Vancouver Conference.