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The Dendy Icon group is one of Australia’s leading independent cinema and film distributors.

The Dendy Icon group is one of Australia’s leading independent cinema and film distributors. Comprising of Icon Film Distribution and Dendy Cinemas.

The group focuses on quality feature films and alternative content within the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The group is owned by Mel Gibson and long-time producing partner Bruce Davey, who are the key principals behind the independent film company Icon Productions. Credits for Icon Productions include critically acclaimed and award-winning titles such as Braveheart, What Women Want, Passion of the Christ, We Were Soldiers, Apocalypto and Hacksaw Ridge.

Icon Film Distribution

Launched in Australia in 2002, Icon Film Distribution releases various hand-picked theatrical titles per annum. Drawing on its expertise in script analysis and development, Icon sources content from the world’s most prestigious film festivals, international film-markets and directly from producers. Icon Film is an ‘all rights’ business that distributes content throughout theatrical, home entertainment, ancillary, pay per view, digital, as well as pay and free television channels. Since inception, Icon’s titles have generated over $300 million at the box office in Australia and New Zealand including the following acclaimed releases:

·         12 Years a Slave

·         Zero Dark Thirty

·         The Queen

·         The Iron Lady

·         Slumdog Millionaire

·         RED

·         La Vie en Rose

·         Death at a Funeral

·         Last Cab to Darwin

·         Hacksaw Ridge

Dendy Cinemas

Icon entered the exhibition business in 2008, acquiring one of Australia’s leading independent cinema chains, Dendy Cinemas. Founded over 70 years ago, Dendy Cinemas operates 43 screens across New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT, exhibiting the best in quality cinema and alternative content.  As well as its core film programming, Dendy Cinemas is home to the vibrant Dendy Arts program which features Opera, Ballet, and world-class theatre productions from National Theatre Live, Royal Shakespeare Company and more.  Dendy also plays host to various screening concepts including; special preview events, High Tea screenings in Premium Lounge, Red Carpet Previews, Q&A’s and more.  Dendy Cinemas proudly supports the local filmmaking and arts community through sponsorship of NIDA, Sydney Film Festival Awards, Tropfest and Flickerfest.  Icon also maintains a 50% ownership of The Bridgeway and Tauranga cinemas in New Zealand.


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  • Open Menu Close Menu What are the cinema's opening hours?

    The cinema will open 10-15 minutes before the start of the first session of the day. It will close 5-10 minutes after the last session ends for the day. Opening times vary from week to week. You can view session times here.

  • Open Menu Close Menu Why aren't all of the session times up for the week?

    We update our session times on a weekly basis and release them on our website at 1pm each Tuesday. This allows equal opportunity for customers to book tickets at the same time every week. Occasionally we will have pre-book opportunities for some of our bigger release films.

  • Open Menu Close Menu Does a ticket ensure a seat reservation?

    Purchasing tickets in advance guarantees you a seat for each ticket purchased, however, we do not have allocated / or reserve seating policy for all sessions. Highly popular films will generate longer lines as shows sell out quickly. We recommend you arrive 15-20 minutes before start time so you can select your favourite seat.

  • Open Menu Close Menu What does NFT mean?

    A NFT or 'No Free Tickets' listing on a session, means that you are not able to use free ticket passes for this particular session. 

    Free tickets that can not be used for NFT films will be labelled accordingly in the terms and conditions on the ticket itself. Movie vouchers or gift cards that have been purchased are not 'free tickets' and can be used for NFT sessions.

  • Open Menu Close Menu Whats does CTC and TBC mean?

    CTC and TBC stand for "Check The Classification" closer to the release date and "To Be Classified" respectively, and they typically mean that the rating of a film has yet to finalised by the film studio or Australian Classification Board.

  • Open Menu Close Menu What does AD and CC mean?

    AD and CC stand for "Audio Description" and "Closed Captions" respectively, and mean that those sessions tagged as “CC”, “AD”, or both, will have accessibility equipment available for hearing or vision impaired patrons.

    For more information, check out our Accessibility page.