The Mole Agent

G Documentary


Rumors of abuse and neglect in a Chilean nursing home prompt a private investigation agency to hire eighty-something Sergio as an inside agent.

After admitting himself to the home, Sergio must deal with technologically complicated spy gadgets, his daughter’s reservations about his new career, and the persistent advances of several female residents who are quick to notice the dapper “younger” man. But as his investigation deepens, Sergio realises that the story he is uncovering is much bigger than he thought.

The most heartwarming spy movie ever made -- Indiewire

The most unusual documentary of the year...a warm-hearted and surprising look at age and intimacy -- The Guardian

Running Time 1hr 24m
Rating G | Very mild themes
Cast Petronila Abarca, Romulo Aitken, Sergio Chamy
Director Maite Alberdi

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