Charli XCX: Alone Together

M Documentary

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Charli XCX, a global pop phenomenon, was riding high when she had just finished an electric headline global tour in 2019. But despite her career success, she was personally unfulfilled, anxious, and her long-term-long-distance relationship was on the brink. Everything changes when the COVID-19 pandemic turns the world upside down. Lost in the early days of quarantine Charli turns to music. She announces that she will attempt to make an album at home in 40 days by enlisting the help of her fans online while her boyfriend, Huck Kwong, moves in. The unique creative boundaries take Charli on a creative and emotional journey like no other, pushing her to the brink of disaster as she is forced to confront mental health issues, rekindle her relationship and connect with vulnerable LGBTQ+ fans in need.

Release Date 2 June 2022
Running Time 1hr 07m
Rating M | Coarse language
Director Pablo Jones-Soler, Bradley Bell

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