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KOFFIA- No Blood No Tears

KOFFIA- No Blood No Tears

This movie is from our archive and is not currently screening.
KOFFIA- No Blood No Tears

Starring JEON Do-youn JEONG Jae-yeong LEE Hye-yeong RYOO Seung-beom.
Directed by RYOO Seung-wan.
Classification: E18+, 120 mins.
Official Site:
Language: Korean (subtitled).

Hard-boiled film noir packed with Ryoo Seung-wan’s ultra-realistic style!
Gyung-sun (Lee Hye-young) drives a cab on the night shift, with her customers
consisting of punks, prostitutes and pimps. She was once a gangster herself but
now pays off her husbands debts in a daily grind. One day she meets Soo-jin
(Jeon Do-youn), who is the spitting image of herself back when she was a pro.
Soo-jin, sick of her vicious boyfriend (Jeong jae-yeong), and Gyung-sun together
decide to do something about their dire circumstances. To live for tomorrow, they
fight the world for a day.
A gritty action noir that pulls no punches, No Blood No Tears is the film that made
critics label director RYOO Seung-wan the Guy Ritchie of Korea. With a comedic
tone throughout and gritty style, similarities have also been likened to Quentin
Tarantino, especially given the pictures dual female leads. A mix of exhilarating
action, visual aesthetics and bold characters that leads to a sense of ultra-realism.

With Director / Producer Q&A

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